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About Salyhair

SALYHAIR hair workshop - Manufacture wigs from real cheap real hair

Hair Salon SALYHAIR is your go-to destination for professional hair products and services. We specialize in the production and supply of 100% real hair, corner-to-corner prices, meeting all of our customers' beautiful hairdressing needs, helping you own a hair like that. In particular, you can own beautiful hair with new hairstyles that are very simple and quick, helping you to be more sexy, confident, attractive...

With skillful, careful and meticulous hands of experts, SALYHAIR will help you choose the best hair model that suits your personality and preferences. With many years of professional experience, we will design your own unique hair, honoring your face as well as helping to cover flaws skillfully. From here, you will be filled with confidence with your own new hair.

With more than 10 years of experience in opening a real hair processing workshop: Full head hair with scalp, male and female bald bangs, film clips, thin bangs, puffy bangs, buns... We are committed to all products made by the shop. from 100% real hair, high durability, with warranty. Compensation 100 times if there is even 1 nylon hair in the product. Commitment to the cheapest price in the school as well as the best quality, affirming the brand of the shop.

Benefits of using SALYHAIR 100% real hair wig:

  •  With a wig made from real hair, your hair will look more natural than artificial hair
  •  Easily style curls, color and care for better hair quality
  •  No worries about drying, lint, tangles - use at least 3-5 years (1 year warranty shop)
  •  With the scalp piece made from skilled craftsmen for many years, the roofline is as natural as real scalp.
  •  Good hair material, when used for a long time in the water environment, there will be no worry of stretching, no worry of slipping, always fit the head   tightly
  •  With a team of skilled workers and modern machinery, we have produced wigs made of real hair with high-quality scalp, which cannot be known as   wigs.
  •  Regarding the price, we are committed to nowhere cheaper  and qualitybetter

In order to have beautiful hair bundles to supply to salons all over the country, we have come to remote countryside to choose and buy healthy hair bundles on the head that are not dry, split ends, combed out. You can rest assured about the quality - the price.

We promise there is no cheaper and better quality SALYHAIR Salon us!