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Receive wig processing on request

The wig industry is becoming a trend, domestic and foreign wig products appear a lot on the Vietnamese market. Catching that trend, Phuong Dong was born with the desire to bring customers wig processing products according to your requirements.

Why process wigs on demand?

In addition to pre-designed wigs, when you have a need to create a wig from your own hair and style your hair in the style you like, we are your first choice.

Especially for women who are less fortunate, have to undergo chemotherapy but do not want to leave their hair. We will help you keep your entire hair and hairstyle.

In addition we also:

- Hook all kinds of male - female full head hair, bald sideburns, pins, ties, buns,... at the request of the customer.

- Processing Crocheting All Kinds of Leather and Mesh for sewing hair: Swirl leather, part leather, lace front, super leather, super mesh, female bald bangs, male bald bangs.

- The scalp is made of high-quality materials. No harm to the skin and especially more than 99% like real scalp.

- Always have samples available for customers to choose and try samples.

- We are committed to products made from 100% natural hair. Original hair that has not been chemically treated.

- The product is carefully processed, the weaves are small and firm. Does not cause discomfort to the scalp.

- Processing time for wigs on request is from 3 to 5 days.

- Get style cutting, trimming, bending, stretching, dyeing according to customer's request.

- Products are guaranteed genuine.

: Receive wig processing on request